Best Zero-Turn Mowers for Hills 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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It is very essential to at least clean your lawn once in a while to keep the grass healthy and the area to look tidy and pleasing. You can always use a rake to remove the leaves and debris and pull the old roots and stems using a shovel.

But if you want an easy and comfortable way, investing in the best zero turn mower for hills or flat areas is a good idea. With its sturdy build, superb mobility, and perfect performance, it will finish the job faster.


So if you’ve always wanted to have one for your home, you do not need to look any further because this article will talk about the top zero-turn mowers available in the market.

Take a look at the list below to find out about them and their great features!

10 Best Zero-Turn Mowers for Hills Comparison:


Product Name




Insert ImageHusqvarna Z254

26 HP

6.5 MPH

Insert ImageSnapper 2911525BVE

11.5 HP

4.6 MPH

Insert ImageHusqvarna MZ61

27 HP


Insert ImageAriens 991151

24 HP


Insert ImageHusqvarna MZ61

24 HP

8.5 MPH

Insert ImageHusqvarna Z242F

18 HP

6.5 MPH

Insert ImageTroy-Bilt 382cc


4.25 MPH

Insert ImageHusqvarna New RedMax

24 HP

6.5 MPH

Insert ImageSimplicity 2691477

21.5 HP

Insert ImageHusqvarna LTH1738

17 HP

5.2 MPH

10 Best Zero-Turn Mowers for Hills Review

There are a lot of zero-turn mowers produced by different brands and manufacturers. Narrowed down to only 10, here is a selection that can help you clean your area, thereby promoting a better environment.

1. Husqvarna Kohler Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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First in our list is this powerful machine from Husqvarna.  If you’ve been looking for a mower that has the best design, then you should look out for this one.

The strong construction of the Kohler engine allows the machine to put out 26 horsepower. It also provides reliable start-ups and a maximum speed of 6.5 miles per hour.

Adding more to its power, this is equipped with an air induction mowing technology system. It draws the air from both the top and bottom of the deck to improve the grass cutting method and ensure superior performance.

The cutting width of 54-inch is made of heavy flat-stock steel. And it is well-known for its tensile strength. Using this high-quality material, the machine is durable enough to withstand tear and wear.

Another feature is its patent-pending park brake system. By moving the steering levers either outward or inward, this system automatically activates or deactivates the operation. This makes the starting and stopping of the mower easy and simple.

You will appreciate its ergonomic features that provide superior comfort and easy maneuverability. The choke, throttle, and ignition are located in one direction for easy access. And it has a 15-inch sliding seat with spring suspension to feel more comfortable.

With all these features, you will be able to make it through your day without any problem.


  • Good ergonomics features and controls
  • Designed with a powerful HP Kohler engine
  • Automatic activation and deactivation
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Offers maximum durability


  • Comes with a high price

2. Snapper 2911525BVE Classic Rear Engine Riding Mower

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Snapper is well-known to produce high-end residential lawn mowers. And this model is best for all-sized lawns and has a straight-forward design that offers convenience. Discover more of its features below.

This mower is powered by an 11.5 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. It features an overhead valve (OVH) located above the combustion chamber for the smoother intake of fuel mixture and quicker exhaust. It provides easy startups because it uses a recoil start.

A disc drive transmission is integrated into the machine. This uses two wheels to transfer the power from the engine to the driving wheels. With this, complicated clutches are eliminated, and you are allowed to move at different speeds.

The company made this as a small-sized mower that enables you to use it even in tight spaces such as in between trees. It is easy to operate and reverse – allowing you to effortlessly mow backward. While driving it, you will be able to see exactly where you are going.

It has a unique blade and rolled deck edge that produces a larger volume of air and works the same with a vacuum. With this, efficient cutting of grass and sucking up of clippings for a clean finish is ensured.

Indeed, this product is a combination of comfort, good performance, and aesthetics. For sure, you wouldn’t want to miss having this.


  • Has a small build suitable in tight spaces
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Comes with a HI-VAC design for efficiency
  • Equipped with a folding stand that makes it easy to store


  • Position of some controls are not in order

3. Husqvarna Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Hydrostatic Riding Mower

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This machine can perform well in long working hours and is still able to give you the comfort you need at all times. Look at its features to find how.

Its engine is powered by Briggs and Stratton, which is one of the main engine producers in the world. Equipped with a 27-horsepower endurance engine, it is certain to provide optimum power and to promote the use of fuel efficiently.

One of its notable features is the 61-inch triple-blade cutting width. If you usually use traditional mowers to clean larger areas, it surely takes more time to finish. But using this machine, your working time will significantly decrease, allowing you to mow more lawns in a day.

Thanks to its individual, hydraulic wheel-drive, it greatly offers the high-level precision you need. It allows this zero-turn mower to rotate even without any turning radius within its axis. Hydrostatic gear transmission is attached therein to improve its functionality and performance.

Working with this is a lot more comfortable. It is equipped with vinyl armrest and a high-back adjustable seat with a safety belt for extra protection. So, you can operate this either on flat grounds or on a hill or inclined areas. A pedal-assisted cutting deck lift is incorporated too for easier and quicker use.

Other features included are its removable foot pan, foam-padded hand grips, comfy steering wheel, 9-bushel collection system, and an hour meter and indicator to remind you if it is time for some maintenance check-up.

Indeed, this machine comes with the best design on the market that gives you exceptional service while getting the comfort you deserve.


  • Simple to use
  • Has a powerful 27-horsepower Brigg and Stratton engine
  • Features a larger, durable cutting deck that makes cutting faster
  • Has seat belt to ensure more safety
  • Offers the zero-turn capability


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Its automatic break might not work properly

4. Ariens Kawasaki FR730 V-Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower

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When it comes to precision, comfort, durability, and good design, you can count on this machine from Ariens. Surely, it has a lot of ergonomic enhancements and a variety of reliability that you will love. Let’s discover why.

It boasts its V-Twin Kawasaki FR730 engine that performs up to 24 horsepower. This is made from cast iron, ensuring a longer life. Featuring its automatic compression release, easy start-ups can be done. It makes sure of better fuel use and management through the internally vented carburetor attached within.

Also, Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 commercial-grade transaxles are equipped in this zero-turn mower to increase the torque and load capacity. This means that you can use this while having less vibration and smooth control over it.

An intuitive foot-operated deck lift system makes effortless modifications between 15 cutting positions placed vertically for easier operation. With this, you can freely choose and adjust the height and the placement of your blades.

Without a doubt, this can work through the lawn at a very high speed and deliver clean cuts smoothly, no matter how rough the terrain is. Coming with a friendly price, this can be the best commercial zero-turn mower for the money you have.


  • A heavier weight that adds stability on inclined areas
  • Comes with greater power that secures its climbing ability in steep terrain
  • Excellent performance and mowing outcome
  • Not too costly
  • Fitted with Ariens’ roll-over protection kit for more safety


  • The engine can get a little noisy when under operation

5. Husqvarna Hydrostatic Kawasaki Zero Turn Riding Mower (24 HP)

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Husqvarna introduced another zero turn lawn mower that offers stability and simplicity even when you use it in steep hills. This MZ61 churns out superior performance, just like the other mowers in their MZ series.

Well, it has a powerful 24 horsepower Kawasaki engine. It provides good start-ups and high ground speeds. With the great amount of power it offers, you can work faster and more effectively using this product.

This features a 61-inch wide cutting width that allows you to cut on larger areas or extensive lawns quickly. Its cutting deck is durable enough to withstand harsh terrain conditions because it is fabricated from 11-gauge steel. This material has a high tensile strength, which makes it endure wear and any damages.

Precise maneuvering and sharp rotation are allowed because its steering system is powered by individual hydraulic wheels. Through this, you can quickly drive and turn the mower in curved areas.

A protections system—ROPS (Roll-over Protection System)—is equipped in the machine as well, so you’re safe when you drive on uneven, steep terrain. With this, you wouldn’t worry about rollovers and tip-overs.

This MZ61 is designed to offer maximum comfort. It has a high-back seat with armrests and comfortable foam-padded hand grips to lessen the stress when working in a long time. Vibration dampeners are also added to reduce the effect of vibrations on your hands and arms while operating it.

With this zero-turn mower, your mowing experience will surely be an enjoyable one.


  • Can handle large areas with hilly spots effortlessly
  • Powerful and reliable Kawasaki Hydrostatic engine
  • Grass clippings can be bagged, discharged or mulched easily
  • Designed with a comfortable seat and hand grips


  • Quite costly

6. Husqvarna Hydrostatic Kawasaki Zero Turn Riding Mower (18 HP)

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As Husqvarna continues to produce amazing zero-turn mowers on the market today, another product from them made it to the list. Surely, it has a lot of promising features that will make you want to have it for your lawn.

This is equipped with an 18 horsepower Kawasaki engine known for its remarkable durability, smooth running, and fewer noise characteristics. It also provides reliable start-ups and a maximum speed of 6.5 miles per hour. With this, the mower can perform efficiently.

You can lower and raise the deck easily and safely without needing to stop the operation. This is because of the anti-scalp wheel system that is integrated into the machine.

A ClearCut fabricated cutting deck is also equipped in this machine, which allows the air to flow smoothly from both the top and bottom of the deck. This makes lifting of grasses or debris after mowing easier.

Much more, it is designed ergonomically. From its control panels down to its high-back seat, it can surely give you comfort when driving it. An anti-slip foot area is secured so you can mow confidently without worrying about slipping out of the mower.

Another feature is its patent-pending park brake system. It is an automatic technology that activates or deactivates depending on the direction of your steering levels, either outward or inward. This feature makes starting and stopping the vehicle easy and simple.

If you’re looking for a reliable and economical mower that has a strong build and outputs a great amount of power, this product from Husqvarna is the best choice.


  • Makes cutting thick object faster
  • Equipped with anti-scalp wheel system for safety purposes
  • Designed to give more comfort
  • Easy to start-up because of the patent-pending brake system


  • The set-up might be a little tricky

7. Troy-Bilt Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower

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Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Riding Mower is a compact and versatile machine that can be parked in most garages or standard gates. It is one of the highly praised products in the market today. Let’s get into its details to find out why.

Well, this mower still adapts the design and build of a traditional riding mower but makes it possible to get the job done quickly and effectively. The special construction allows you to easily control the mower when you cut grasses on hills and uneven terrain.

It is powered by a 382cc OHV PowerMore engine, which offers a high speed of 4.25 MPH. This is a small block engine that features overhead valves (OVH), cast iron cylinder sleeve, and a larger fuel tank capacity. It is far quieter, more efficient, and can run better than other competitive models in the market.

A 30-inch single cutting width makes the work easier for you. It also offers 5 cutting position settings where you can choose and modify the height and placement of your blades.

The manual Power Take-Off (PTO) feature is integrated with the machine too. This is a switch found in the mower that allows you to take the engine power to operate. With this, you can easily run the mower and take control of the blades’ engagement.

Another feature is its fuel sight window, which allows you to check the gas level from time to time. Much more, this comes with a side discharge functionality that no longer requires you to stop just to unclog the side attachment full of clippings. It saves your time and increases workflow efficiency.

Anyway, this is ideal for standard land areas and even terrains. If you have a limited budget, it’s never an excuse not to get the best zero-turn mower for the money because this model is affordable enough without compromising its excellent quality.


  • Equipped with a quieter PowerMore engine
  • Ideal for medium-sized landscape
  • Comes with a compact build, so it is easy to park
  • A wide cutting deck which delivers uniform cutting results
  • Not too pricey


  • Needs assembly for first-time use
  • The footrest may become slippery

8. Husqvarna New RedMax Deck Riding Zero-Turn Mower

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The New RedMax RZT54 is a powerful mower made to handle larger, open areas. This can provide great satisfaction to your lawn needs.

With its 54-inch cutting width, it cuts on wider properties faster and more evenly than any other Husqvarna models. This uses three blades that can be operated using an electric-clutch system. Its cutting deck, however, is made of 10-gauge steel to ensure maximum durability.

Three cutting methods are available in this mower – mulch, side discharge, and collect. Here, you can choose the style of cut that best suits your lawn to give you a beautiful output.

This zero-turn mower is powered by a high-performance engine from Kawasaki. Like other engines they produce, this is the most reliable and long-lasting one. The mower can use both air and power/fuel to cool the engine. Also, with this, you can fill the fuel tank up to a volume of 3.5 gallons.

A removable foot pan comes in this mower too. You can simply access the deck belt pulley and spindles by removing it. Cleanups and maintenance will be easier. For better refinement, a rubber bellow is installed to prevent debris from entering the control system of the mower.

Adding to its features is its ergonomic details. It has an extremely comfortable 18-inch high-back seat, built to give enough support to your back and butt. The controls are placed on one side for better convenience. Padded handles, control panels, and anti-slip foot areas are included, too, for safety and comfort.

Indeed, this is a residential mower that has commercial-grade characteristics. It is made to use and operate easily and offer you the comfort you deserve when driving it all day.


  • Comes with three cutting styles: mulch, side discharge, and collect
  • Offers higher fuel capacity
  • Has improved ergonomic details for safe and comfortable use
  • Equipped with a 54-inch cutting width to cut a much wider area


  • Requires large storage space

9. Simplicity  Courier Mower, Riding, Zero-Turn2691477

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When it comes to commercial-grade zero-turn mowers, you can count on this product from Simplicity. The brand equipped this mower with great power, top-notch quality, and reliable performance.

Well, it offers you the choice to select your mower engine either from Briggs and Stratton or from Kawasaki. Both the engines are reliable enough for easy and consistent start-ups. Not just that, these also offer high speeds to help you work quicker.

This zero-turn mower is equipped with a commercially-inspired design. A fully-welded steel frame and cutting deck ensure durability and good quality that can serve you for long years. Plus, an integrated parking brake is installed for more ease-of-use and convenience.

Versatile mower deck option is one of its notable features too. The deck ranges from 36 inches to 53 inches, and you can adjust it to make sure you have the best size for your lawn. This is built with fixed rollers to assure you of excellent cut, leaving your lawn to look more beautiful.

Height positions can be easily adjusted between 13 different positions from 1.5 to 4.5 inches. For more convenience, you only need to follow a simple method to change positions using the foot pedal.

Much more, it is made with a suspension comfort system that ensures impact won’t be troublesome during operation. This makes sure that you get the optimum comfort and convenience that cannot be experienced with a non-suspension mower.

The padded hand grips, mesh seat, and anti-foot slip are designed for more comfort and safety. A utility cargo bed is integrated therein too. Along with its other features, doing yard chores are much easier, and things are done comfortably.

If you are willing to invest in a top-grade residential mower that guarantees you reliability and excellent performance, this machine from Simplicity is a good choice for you.


  • Equipped with a cargo bed for more versatility
  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Powered by a reliable engine
  • Offers best cut quality


  • Anti-scalp wheels need improvement

10. Husqvarna LTH1738 Loncin Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower

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To complete our list, we have the LTH1728 zero-turn mower from Husqvarna. This is a powerful and efficient machine that is easy to operate and brings you great comfort while driving.

The 17 horsepower engine is powered by Loncin. This has outstanding durability. Not just that, easy start-ups are possible since the start turnkey can be operated without any malfunction. Equipped with the full pressure lubrication system, this has a spin-oil filter that promotes the efficient use of fuel.

A lever operated hydrostatic transmission is included in this machine. This is more convenient since it transfers the power from the engine directly to the wheels. It offers you a smoother ride and requires less maintenance than other manual or automatic transmissions.

This zero-turn mower comes with two cutting blades that are 38 inches long. It helps you work on your lawn easily and cut grasses on a fewer pass. The cutting deck is made of steel stamped on the press, making this mower more suitable for residential use.

Reverse Operating System (ROS) is equipped in the machine too. This allows you to mow even when in reverse. Cutting blades are disengaged when driving in reverse for more safety.

Its rear tires are 20-inch larger to improve comfort and security in case of rollovers over irregular surfaces. Two anti-scalp wheels are designed too to prevent scalping on uneven terrain.

With its flexible settings and modifiable features, it makes your work simpler than ever and helps you perform well in whatever lawn you have.


  • Equipped with ROS for more safety
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Comes with a manual blade engagement
  • Easy to use and settings can be adjusted


  • Its assembly might give you a hard time
  • Slightly costly


Things to Consider Before Buying

Purchasing a zero-turn mower is not an easy task for a first-timer. You need to make sure you’re investing in the right mower. That is why it is advisable to do a little research for you to gain more insight into this machine and be knowledgeable enough to choose the appropriate one for your lawn.

Few features and factors may have to be taken into considerations to lead you to the best zero-turn mower that is compatible and good enough for your lawn. So, before you go looking for a mower, here are some of the things you should look for.

Reliability and Performance

To determine the best option, you must focus on the reliability and performance of the item you want. A zero-turn mower with exceptional performance will surely operate as you want it to be. It will give you the utmost output. Therefore, you can mow your lawn without worrying about any malfunctions.

Regardless of any manufacturer and specific qualities you already have in your mind, reliability and performance must remain an essential factor to consider.

Engine Horsepower

Power is a major factor in determining how strong your engine is. The more horsepower an engine has, the more power it can bear. If your machine has a lot of horsepower relative to its weight, it can perform well. This high power translates to the speed and ability of the mower to move according to its weight.

Choosing a mower with more horsepower helps you get your work done more rapidly and efficiently. You can work with good speed and precision as long as the power of your machine matches the work that you are doing.

If you have a smaller lawn or a space that does not require much time to mow, you can have a mower with lower horsepower. However, if you have to mow a larger area, you need a machine with high horsepower for a quicker mowing process.

Deck Construction

Deck construction depends on the type of zero-turn mowers and on the lawn where you’re going to use it. If you will use it in a residential area, it is better to choose mowers with decks made of gauge steel stamped in the press. However, welded decks are better in commercial applications.

With better deck construction on your mowers, you will be able to mow properly in that specific area without any issue of malfunction and problem.

Engine Design

A good engine design makes your mower work better to perform at its optimum level. The engine determines the reliability of your machine, for it shows how strong and fast your mower can go.

Most zero-turn mowers come with a single-cylinder engine. Others are equipped with a twin-cylinder OHV engine, which is widely used for commercial purposes.

Always make sure to give attention to this factor to have a more powerful and smooth-running zero-turn mower.

Cut Width

Having a proper cutting width is as important as having a reliable engine to get the work done. The cutting width (or sometimes called as “mowing path”) is a very essential factor to consider before making the final decision of what machine to buy.

Many think that having a large mowing path is better, but that is not always the point. You need to consider how wide your working space is and the obstacles that you might encounter to determine the exact mowing path to use.

It is not advisable to use a large cutting width when working in lawns with many decorative plants because it might not fit between them, and maneuvering is quite difficult in small areas. If you work in large open spaces, using a wide one is considerable for quicker and easier work.


Efficiency is an essential factor, and you must be aware of it. Therefore, take into account how efficiently the mower can mow and cut the grasses in your lawn. Some mowers can offer an efficiency of up to 85%, but if you can have one with greater than 90%, it will be a great factor.

Keep in mind that with the right efficiency, you can achieve maximum productivity in a short time, which is what a mower should be when cleaning your lawn.


Sometimes, people overlook this factor because they don’t think it is important. But yes, it is. So you must pay attention to its level of durability by comparing the specifications of the frame design and deck constructions of different products.

The build must be strong enough so it can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Not just that, it must be durable as well so that it can endure tear and wear and ensure longer life service.

Fuel Capacity

When looking for the mower that best suits you, taking into account the fuel capacity of the machine is important. This factor is relevant when you have a large lawn to mow.

You wouldn’t want to stop and refuel your mower in the middle of the operation, so you must make sure it is capable of high fuel capacity to meet your needs.


Consider the weight of the zero-turn mower you’ve been eyeing to buy. Know where exactly you are going to use the machine to determine how heavy it should be. For example, if the mower is used for landscaping, it shouldn’t be too heavy for easier transporting and lifting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are important. Mowers usually get dirty after using it for all-day work. And if some unwanted circumstances occur, your zero-turn mower might get broken.

Keep an item that will save you time when you clean and repair it. Just to remind you, cleaning and repairing are inevitable in the near future. So make sure the product gives you ease and comfort in doing so.

Raw Performance

This talks about the strength, speed, and power your zero-turn lawn mowers can offer. Mowers are undoubtedly powerful and can give a high-level performance to its users.

Knowing these qualities make you choose the right mower for your lawn. If it is a large area, you can use a mower with high power. But if you need it in a smaller property, a mower with less power is tolerable.



When cleaning the lawn, you will be sitting in the mower and drive it for a long time. For sure, you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable while working. There should be high-level supports for your back, hands, and butt to make you feel at ease. Controls must be placed on the same side, so the operation will be easier.

Most mowers are equipped with additional accessories and can be personalized to help you feel comfortable and have a good experience while riding on it.

Build and Design

Some mowers can look better than others, so you must take into consideration the shape, size, and color combination of the mower you want. Also, make sure that it was made and constructed well so it will be strong enough to use in all weather conditions and all kinds of surroundings.

Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height

Adjusting the cutting height on the zero-turn mower should be fast and easy. If you want an extra attachment, a “foot assist” can be added in your hand lever to quickly raise the deck when you’re mowing. A deck lifting system is integrated with some mowers to easily modify the position of the blades using a pedal.

Never settle to mowers that require you to get off the unit just to adjust the deck height since it reduces your productivity.


Are you an expert operator? If not, you have nothing to worry about. Some zero-turn mowers let you adjust its speed. Options like “high mode” gives you the maximum speed for flat open spaces while “low mode” allows you to freely move around with a little speed when landscaping.

With this feature, you will be able to change the speed depending on your controlling capability, helping you to mow the lawn with comfort.


The budget you have must be considered too. If you’ve already set the range of how much you are willing to spend on this machine, then it will be a great help to narrow down your choices and list all the products with their respective prices to come up with the best one.

You need additional accessories and attachments, too, so you must think how much you’re willing to spend on maintenance and customization in the future.

Be aware of these things to estimate the money you need to save and the expenses you’re going to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zero-turn mower?

Zero-turn mower (z-turn) is a lawnmower with a zero turning radius. A z-turn drives faster but has the same size as conventional riding mowers.

How fast can this mower go?

Typical mowers can cut at the speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour while zero-turn mowers cut at the speed of 5 to 8 miles per hour. It can cut the grass twice as fast as a traditional mower can.

Are these zero-turn mowers safe to use on hills and inclined areas?

These machines are equipped with versatile caster wheels in the front so you can easily and quickly maneuver it around the lawn, especially in inclined areas and curved edges or paths. It is also safe since these mowers go with a speed little higher than 5 miles per hour.

It is not advisable to use these in areas with slopes greater than 10 degrees. You might encounter rollovers and tip-over dangers.

Why are these so expensive?

They are quite expensive than traditional lawn tractors, but they assure you of better service and performance. They are efficient and reliable enough because of the materials used in their construction, the engines they are using, and the systems and technologies equipped to them for efficient and easier use.

What is the best zero-turn mower for my lawn?

This depends on the area where you want to use it. Each mower has its advantages, disadvantages, and great features. If you know how wide you are going to mow, look for a zero turn mower with great features that will suit the needs of your lawn.

Final Words

Different manufacturers produced great mowers that are currently available in the market. And it is hard to find the perfect one that fits the needs of your lawn.

May this article serve as a friendly guide to help you find the best zero turn mower for hills and even for flat, open areas, so you are sure of optimum performance.

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