Best Soaker Hoses 2022 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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If you’re looking for an efficient and easy way to keep your garden plants watered and healthy, then you should consider getting a soaker hose. This has many advantages that you will find very handy.

The main advantage of having this is that it can water your plants evenly and slowly so that they get just enough water. This is very important because overwatering them can do more harm than good. It’s also an efficient way to save water.


This article is complete with a comprehensive list of the 10 best soaker hoses in the market. To help you decide what item is right for you, this also includes a buying guide, so you will know what features make a good soaker hose.

10 Best Soaker Hoses Comparison:


Product Name

Length (ft)


Insert ImageTaisia 1/2 inch Soaker Hose

25, 50, 75

Insert ImageOsmile Professional


Insert ImageGilmour 870751-1001

25, 50, 75

Insert ImageSwan Products MGSPAK38100CC

50, 75, 100

Insert ImageRain Bird T22-250S

50, 100, 250

Insert ImageTeknor Apex Apex

25, 50, 100

Insert ImageDramm 17010

25, 50

Insert ImageMelnor 65062-AMZ 75′

25, 50, 75

Insert ImageFlexon 50-Foot

25, 50

Insert ImageRocky Mountain Goods


10 Best Soaker Hoses Reviews

With the many products that are available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is the best, but with this list, you’re sure to find the one for you!

1. Taisia 1/2 inch Soaker Hose 75ft Lead Free

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This first one on our list is one of the best rated soaker hoses in the market. Many users love it and say that it’s very easy and efficient to use. They’re right because it has a lot of noteworthy features that enhance its overall performance.

To water all your plant, this is designed with a length of 75 feet, and this is longer than most of its competitors. It will be able to reach all the nooks and corners of your garden. Since it has a very small diameter of only half an inch, it easily snakes through your plants.

All the materials used for this are recycled for a more environmentally friendly product. Well, it is made of recycled polyethylene and rubber at 30% and 70% respectively. There is also no lead in this product, so it’s safe for both you and your plants.

You can use this freely under any weather conditions, and it won’t be damaged even with the extreme heat of the sun because it’s equipped with UV-inhibitors. It is very durable and flexible, so you can easily wrap it around your plants. Much more, this is also very lightweight.

Setting it up is easy, and it will be sure to evenly water your entire garden and not waste any water while doing so. Because it’s made of durable materials, it will last longer, so it’s a very good investment.


  • Has no lead components
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Equipped with UV inhibitors
  • Has a very long length


  • Prone to twisting due to its length

2. Osmile Professional Series Soaker Hose

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With all its great features, this one without a doubt deserves a spot on this list. It has a very professional design that will be sure to keep your garden lush and blooming, and this might be the hose you’ve been looking for.

Designed to have an astonishing length of 100 feet, this can circle even large garden areas very easily and reach every corner when necessary. All your plants can be evenly watered, and because it has a very small diameter of only an inch, placing it around your plants is not difficult.

Its small size also helps it to water your plants evenly and use water more efficiently so that not a drop goes to waste. To make it environmentally friendly, it is made of 80% recycled materials.

You can either place this above your plants or on the ground. If ever you decide to place it on the ground, it is best if you use a layer of mulch to cover it for more effective watering.

This is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about it getting easily damaged. Another great thing about it is that it’s very suitable for all types of weather conditions. You are assured of its flexibility, so there will be no limitations in getting the job done.

Everything about this will be able to make gardening easier for you, and it will be sure to keep your garden at its top condition.


  • Has a very long hose length
  • The diameter is small enough for easy use
  • It’s made of 80% recycled material
  • Suitable for all weather types
  • Durable construction


  • Not suitable for uneven soil beds

3. Gilmour 870751-1001 Hose Flat Soaker

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Another great addition to this list is a product from Gilmour. This is very well-known for its capability to evenly water garden plants easily and more efficiently. It will be able to help you a lot in keeping your plants healthy.

Gentle watering is possible with this product, thanks to its pressure weeping feature, which lessens the pressure of the water passing through, and this has been very effective. The design of this hose can reduce the evaporation of water so that no water will go to waste.

To enhance its durability, it’s made using perforated PVC liners. Much more, it is covered with fabric so it can handle pressures of up to 60psi. And because of this construction, it is more flexible and also very lightweight. You can easily put it around your garden.

The outer fabric that’s used to cover the hose protects it from UV rays, which can damage it, especially during hot summer days. It will be able to handle the wear of any weather condition, and this is sure to last long so you won’t have to buy replacements more frequently. This also means more savings in the long run.

There are two ways you can use it, and you can either place it on the ground or bury it near your plants. Whichever way you choose, it will still be able to water them effectively.


  • Made of very durable materials
  • Has a flexible and lightweight design
  • Can handle up to 60 PSI
  • Boasts a fabric covering for UV protection
  • Lasts longer thereby promoting longevity


  • Quite expensive

4. Swan Products Miracle-GRO Customizable Soaker System Hose

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If you’re looking for the best soaker garden hose that you can find in the market, then you’re in the right place. As its name suggests, this soaker system will do miracles for your garden, and it will be sure to help your plants stay healthy and let them grow faster.

For more efficiency, this waters your plants straight to the roots. If you’re worrying that it might damage these delicate parts, it won’t because it has a very gentle watering system that lessens the pressure of the water flow.

You can also use this to design your garden because it has a customizable feature using EZ connect fittings. This will allow you to cut the hose wherever you want and easily attach it to another pipe.

Most of us prefer to use eco-friendly products because we want to do our part for the environment; well, with this, you will be able to do that while keeping your garden irrigated. The materials used for making this is 65% percent recycled.

Not only that, but it helps you to save significant amounts of water, approximately 70%. This is because it efficiently makes use of the water and transports it straight to the roots of your plants.

Setting this up is also considerably easy; it’s complete with all the tools you’re going to need to have it up and running. Overall, it’s a great choice if you want only the best for your garden.


  • Can be customized
  • Made of 65% recycled materials
  • Very easy to set-up
  • Helps you to save more water
  • Has lead-free components thus safe


  • May lead to overwatering of plants

5. Rain Bird T22-250S Drip Irrigation Blank Distribution Tubing

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There are many soaker hoses in the market, but if you want to be sure you get one that has all the features to help you maintain your garden easier, then this can do the job for you.

This product is from Rain Bird, and like all their other products, this does not want to disappoint you. To help water all your plants evenly, it is designed with very small pores. This also gives your plants a gentler watering, and it almost mimics rain-like watering.

You can wind it around your plants whichever way you like because it is made of a very flexible tube. Using chemicals and other forms of fertilizer can damage some hoses, but not this one. It has resistance to chemicals and also UV rays. Well, UV-resistance is very important, especially during hot weather.

Fitting pipes can be tricky, especially when it’s raining because it’s more slippery. But thanks to the non-slip technology it has, it lets you easily fit its pipes. The connections of the pipes are tightly secure so that no water leakage can happen.

Using this will help you to save a lot of water compared to traditional watering systems. To ensure that the water reaches the roots of your plants faster, you can install it underground. You also have the option to just install it on the ground surface.


  • Has a UV-resistant feature
  • Designed with a non-slip grip technology
  • Gives gentler watering to your plants
  • Can be installed underground
  • Evenly waters all plants


  • High water consumption

6. Teknor Apex Apex, 1030-100, Soil Soaker Hose

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To ensure your garden can bloom and give you more vegetable produce or flowers, it deserves the best watering system. All plants should be evenly watered and given enough water so that they can stay healthy. And using this soaker hose will help you do that most conveniently.

With its length of 100 feet, it will be able to cover your entire garden and not leave any plant dry. You can also bend it around your plants without worrying about straining the hose because it is made of a very flexible and high-quality vinyl.

The material used offers great durability and helps the hose to suit any weather type. Not only that, but this also ensures that it can last for a longer time, so you won’t be needing to make replacements all the time.

It also uses an Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) plastic and brass coupling so that fitting it to a standard faucet is easy. The pores on the hose are all very small, and they go directly to the roots of plants; this helps you to save 30% of water and also effectively hydrate your plants.

These small holes also give a gentle and very even watering to your entire garden, since too much watering pressure can damage them. All the features of this soaker hose can guarantee a healthier garden and an easier watering experience that comes with an affordable price.

You can be sure that this is one of the best soaker hose systems in the market.


  • Helps you save 30% from your water usage
  • Can cover large areas
  • Designed with small holes
  • Has a very flexible structure


  • High-priced

7. Dramm 17010 ColorStorm Premium Soaker Garden Hose

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This soaker hose is also another one worth considering because of its great features that will certainly help you to evenly water your plants while reducing water consumption at the same time. It can save you up to 90% of your usual water usage than using traditional watering methods.

Leaks will be the least of your problems because this is designed with very thick walls. And it’s approximately thicker compared to its competitors. This will make sure that no water will ever be wasted when you use it. It has a length of 50 feet, so it can cover small to medium gardens entirely.

You don’t have to worry about getting untimely replacements because this will be sure to last long, provided you maintain it properly. It is made of highly durable materials so that no matter what the weather condition is, you can still use it and not worry about any possible damage.

Much more, it is constructed to be fairly flexible, and it’s also quite lightweight. More excitingly, all the materials used therein are recycled, so it’s a lot more environmentally friendly. Now you’re not only watering your garden, but you’re also doing your part for the environment.

It will surely be worth your money and will be a great investment for your garden.


  • Can water your entire garden evenly
  • Has a leak-proof design
  • Helps you to save 90% of water usage
  • Made of recycled highly durable materials


  • Not ideal for larger areas

8. Melnor 75′ Flat Soaker Hose 65062-AMZ Set

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For a better and more efficient watering system, this one will be able to help you out. It’s designed to give you optimum performance and also helps in giving you more convenience. There’s no wonder why it’s loved by many users when you get to know its features.

With a length of 75 feet, it can cover your entire garden. The design is very compact. And it’s very easy to store because it’s flat, and you will have no trouble in rolling it up.

Because it’s a flat hose, you can use it to fit just about any garden layout. You can twist it around your plants or bend it to fit certain corners, and this allows you to fully customize the structure of the watering system you want. It won’t get easily damaged if you twist it or bend it, so no need to worry.

Thanks to its compact size, you can fit it into even the tight areas in your garden; its diameter is only an inch. When it comes to the factor of durability, it’s also pretty impressive. You can use it during sunny or rainy days, and it will be able to handle the wear that comes with any type of weather.

It can also help you to save water because it ensures tight connections to prevent any cases of water leakage. There’s a lot of advantages that this can give your garden.


  • Very easy to store
  • Comes in a compact size
  • Can be twisted and bent safely
  • Helps establish tight connections
  • Easily covers your entire garden


  • Requires higher pressure

9. Flexon 50-Foot Three Tube Sprinkler Hose FS50

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In this list of best soaker hoses, this one has justified its position with its top-notch features. It’s also a very versatile product, so you can use it in a variety of ways to hydrate your entire garden and make sure all your plants have a consistent supply of water.

Other than using it as a soaker, you can also use it as a sprinkler because it has three tubes that have a 40-foot spraying pattern to reach larger areas. Whichever way you wish to use it, this will be sure to evenly provide water for all your plants.

A mix of rubber and vinyl are used in its construction, and these contribute to its flexible structure. You can bend it around your garden landscape without breaking or straining it.

Durability is also one of the areas it excels in, and it will be sure to last you years and help you save money because you won’t need to replace it as often as other products. It will be able to handle any weather type.

If you want to lengthen the hose, you can use its end cap, which is easy to remove. This part of the hose also removes any mineral particles present. There are surely a lot of functions that you’ll find handy with this hose.

Overall, there is no doubt that it’s the best one out there in terms of efficiency, durability, and versatility.


  • Can be used as a sprinkler and soaker hose
  • Uses durable materials
  • Can evenly cover large areas
  • Can handle bending and twisting


  • Parts are difficult to find when broken

10. Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose

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The last one we have on this list has a long list of features that contributes to its excellent overall performance. Your garden will never look as fresh and lush without using this soaker hose.

It’s very easy to set-up, and it requires no complex knowledge. This will be up and running in no time. There will not be a single dry area in your garden with this, and it will be sure to evenly water all your plants with its well-distributed pores.

The materials used for this are recycled, and this doesn’t compromise its strength because it’s still very durable, and it won’t get easily damaged. All types of weather conditions won’t be a problem because this will be able to handle all of it.

Because of its high durability, this will last longer than others so you can get the most of your money. Despite being made of tough materials, it still manages to retain its flexibility. You can bend it around your plants and adjust it to suit your garden’s structure.

This also regulates the water pressure so that your plants will be given enough water and not waste any in the process. It will be able to save you a significant amount of water utilization costs. In the long run, it proves as a worthy investment.


  • Has high durability
  • Helps you save more water
  • Very flexible
  • Can evenly water your entire garden
  • It’s very easy to set-up


  • Quite difficult to get rid of dirt clogged therein


Things to Consider Before Buying

Many factors determine if a soaker hose is good or not. All these have to be considered so you can have the most of the product you buy. This is why we’ve made this checklist of features to help you decide if a product is worth buying. These features include durability, water-saving capability, and flexibility.

So before you head straight to the internet or the market, be sure to check this out!


This an important factor in all products as this can make or break its overall performance. To know if the product you intend on buying is durable, check to see what materials are used in making it.

UV-resistance is also an important feature for a soaker hose to have since it will be used outdoor, and it will be subjected to long sun exposure. This can easily damage it if it doesn’t have any resistance to UV rays.

It should also be able to handle any weather type, not just the heat.


In our own little ways, we want to do what we can for the environment. Buying environmentally-friendly products is one of those ways. Choose a soaker hose that’s made of recycled materials; this will be able to help the environment a lot by reducing unnecessary wastes.

Pore Size

The size of the pores on the hose should be just enough to give your plants enough water. Pores that are too big can cause overwatering, which will damage your plants. These should also be evenly distributed along the entire length of the hose so that it can fully cover your entire garden.

Hose Length

To make sure that no area in your garden is left dry, your hose should also be long enough to reach all the nooks and corners without any trouble. If you have a large garden, then it’s best to choose a longer hose. There are some hoses that span up to 100 feet, and this will be able to cover larger areas.


Saving water won’t only benefit you but also the environment, it’s a very precious resource that’s mostly overlooked. Choose a hose that has designs incorporated to help you save water.

Some products save water by making its pores smaller, so it won’t let out excessively large amounts of water. Others have a thicker wall to avoid any unexpected damages that can lead to water leakage.

There are also some hoses that ensure tight connections to make sure that no drop of water is wasted. You can even burry other soaker hoses underground so that every drop of water will go directly to the roots of your plants.


When installing your soaker hose, it is difficult to avoid twisting or bending it to fit your garden landscape. To avoid any damages that can be caused by this, the product you buy should be flexible enough to handle all the bends and twists it will experience.


Installing and setting-up your soaker hose should be as easy as possible. It’s better if it comes with a complete instruction manual.

For added convenience, it should be lightweight so that setting it up won’t be too much of a struggle. Some soaker hoses even feature a tight-grip technology that eases the difficulty of installing a slippery hose during rainy days.

Round or Flat Hose

Both types of hoses have advantages and disadvantages. Flat hoses are generally more convenient to store. So, if you’re particular about an easy storing feature, then you should consider this factor.

Round hoses, on the other hand, are known to be more durable. They can also be easily buried underground.


Pressure Handling and Regulation

This is one of the most important factors that a soaker hose should meet. It should be able to regulate the pressure and ensure a constant flow of water at a moderately slow pace, just enough to evenly water your garden.

A pressure that’s too high can possibly result in excessive watering of your plants, which can damage it and waste a lot of your water.


We all tend to look at the price tag first before looking at the features when it should be the other way around. Check all the features of the product first so you can cross-check it with the product’s price. This will help you to avoid buying overly expensive products that won’t be able to perform.

There is no need to go over your budget to get a good soaker hose because there are a lot of affordable ones that have great features. But if you’re willing to spend a few more dollars, then go ahead, after all, soaker hoses are a great investment for your garden.

Just make sure that whatever you buy, the features can always justify the price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maintain my soaker hose?

One of the best ways to maintain your soaker hose is to keep it clean. You can easily do this by removing it from the faucet and watering down any debris both on its inside and outside.

Also, make sure to periodically check if there is anything that can clog the hose because this can cause a build-up of pressure that will damage the hose.

What are the advantages of using a soaker hose?

Soaker hoses offer a lot of advantages for you and your garden. It can evenly water large areas, and it can provide a stable flow of water. Since it gently waters your plants, you don’t have to worry about overwatering them. Soaker hoses also help you save a lot of water.

How long should my soaker hose be?

This will depend on the area you need to cover, longer hoses can cover larger areas. But if you have a small to medium size garden, then hoses that are about 50 feet will be enough to cover all your plants.

How can soaker hoses save water?

Soaker hoses are very efficient when it comes to saving water. This is thanks to its design. It is made of small pores that only give enough water to your plants. With this, you won’t end up wasting excessive water and this will prevent overwatering your plants.

These can also be buried underground so that all the water directly goes straight to the roots of your plants.

Do soaker hoses need to be buried?

You don’t necessarily have to bury your soaker hose. You can also use it on top of the ground and put a layer of mulch on top of it for the best results.

Final Words

Picking the right soaker hose out of so many choices is hard, but with this article’s list of the best soaker hoses, you will be sure to find something for yourself. Hopefully, you already have one in mind after going through the pages!

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