Best Lawn Sweepers 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

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A garden can enhance the beauty of your home, especially if it is regularly maintained. This may not be an easy task, but you can certainly do so if you have the right garden tools and equipment in hand.

Perhaps, one of the most powerful equipments that aid in removing all sorts of debris from your garden is a lawn sweeper. This is because of its easy operation and efficiency. Also, it only requires a very slight effort in cleaning your lawn. And these are just a few reasons why this tool is a must-have.

You may be overwhelmed by the variety of choices that are offered on the market, so you must be very keen on choosing one. Just keep on reading to know some of the best lawn sweepers that you can avail of today.

Best Lawn Sweepers Comparison:


Product Name



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Agri-Fab 45-0492

92 pounds

Insert Image

Agri-Fab 45-0320

73 pounds

Insert Image

Sun Joe AJ801E

27 pounds

Insert Image

Earthwise LSW70021

13 pounds

Insert Image

Agri-Fab 45-0218

25 pounds

Insert Image

Brinly STS-427LXH

80 pounds

Insert Image

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro

102 pounds

Insert Image

Shop-Vac 4050010

16 pounds

Insert Image

Ohio Steel 42SWP22

95 pounds

Insert Image

TerraKing Standard Leaf Bag

3.4 pounds

10 Best Lawn Sweepers Review

Well, you only deserve the best, that's why we want to help you find some of the prominent products that may be helpful for your garden needs. Each of which comes with various features that are reviewed carefully. Some of the lawn sweepers are listed below for your reference:

1. ​Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

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This tow-behind type of sweeper is well-known on the market due to its exceptional performance. It is designed with a lot of notable features that will surely make you want to have it.

With a width of 44 inches as well as 2 semi-pneumatic tires, you are ensured of a smooth movement around your working area. It also comes with 4 brushes that are made to be extremely strong and effective in cleaning all sorts of debris in your lawn.

Much more, the brush height is adjustable, so you and even your kids can use this with ease. It comes with a larger flow-through hopper bag. And that means that its holding capacity is twice bigger compared to typical products alike, making it ideal from small to large lawns.

Once the bag is full, you simply use the release lever to detach the bag and empty it. This makes your work faster and easier. And because it is made of steel, you are guaranteed of its durability.

Moreover, the sweeper features a universal hitch that allows you to easily attach and detach it from any tractor. The handle is made in such a way that it is easier for you to dump debris without even dismounting it from the tractor. Its unique offset design can help you sweep and cut your lawn at the same time.

Finally, it can be stored easily since it comes with a collapsible hopper bag. The hitch can be folded too. And it can shrink down up to about 30 percent of its original size.

Anyway, this product is not yet assembled upon arrival. Don't worry about it because it's easy to install, and it includes an instruction manual. There you can find an online video tutorial on how to get this done.


  • Cleans almost all kinds of debris
  • Comes with a universal hitch
  • Easy and compact storage
  • Collapsible hopper bag and foldable hitch
  • Adjustable brush height
  • Handle ensures easy dumping of debris
  • The huge capacity of the hopper bag
  • Can mow and sweep in one pass because of its offset tongue capability


  • Might take too long to assemble
  • Must have a tractor or mower for usage

2. ​Agri-Fab 45-0320 Lawn Sweeper

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This is another lawn sweeper from Agri-Fab that provides you with great quality and features. Just like the first one, it is also a tow-behind type of sweeper that comes with 2 semi-pneumatic tires. With these features, you will certainly have a smooth and easy transport around your working area.

It comes with 4 brushes that are utilized to sweep and pick up remnants from your lawn. The entire construction of the sweeper is made of good quality materials to warrant effective cleaning. Much more, this has a width of 42 inches and an adjustable brush height up to a half-inch into the grass.

And this makes it more convenient for you to employ this around. And you won't be feeling tired easily because this feature can adapt to your own comfort. When using, the debris will just go directly into the hopper bag with a 12 cubic feet capacity. And that's already huge enough compared to other brands.

Dumping all debris that is collected from the hopper bag has never been easier with this sweeper. Since it is not required for you to dismount the sweeper from the tractor, there is no way you will leave your seat! You just have to pull the release rope to instantly empty the hopper bag.

More importantly, it comes with a universal hitch that can easily be mounted to your tractor without any problem. Also, take note that this sweeper is not ready to use upon arrival, so it should be assembled first. But then, a manual or video tutorial will be provided to guide you through the process.


  • Dumping of debris is way easier
  • Brush height can be adjusted
  • Has lesser price compared to the similar products
  • Comes with a larger hopper bag
  • Picks all sorts of debris in your lawn
  • Easy storage because of collapsible hopper bag
  • It has universal hitch making it ideal for any tractor
  • Includes a durable mechanism


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Needs a tractor or mower

3. ​Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Scarifier and Dethatcher

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If you want to let your lawn breathe again, the AJ801E may be a good choice to help you do so. Well, this is an equipment that can give you two functions in one product as it comes with an electric scarifier and lawn dethatcher. 

Being powered with a robust 12 AMP motor as well as a sweeping path of 12.6 inches wide, you can get the job done way faster in just one pass. The good news is that this is a great idea when cleaning small to medium-sized lawns.

One of its amazing features is the Airboost technology that can enhance your raking ability. This means that it can maximize thatch pickup due to its reliable and effective performance. Moreover, the spring steel tines add up to this outcome. And you will eventually get healthier turfs with this.

The product has an adjustable deck with 5-position depth control, allowing you to manage the raking depth. Depending on your need for scarifying and dethatching your lawn, you can adjust the depth from 10 mm below the soil up to 10 mm above the ground.

Furthermore, it has an "instant start" feature, so in just one push of the button, the equipment starts in an instance. You also don't have to worry about accidentally pressing it because it comes with a safety switch.

More importantly, this sweeper comes with a detachable collection bag for easy disposal when filled. Also, it doesn't require any oil or even tune-ups to start and function; that is why it is dubbed as eco-friendly. Well, scarifying and removing of thatches are needed to maintain a greener and healthier lawn.


  • Simple to operate
  • Features Airboost technology
  • Can be started instantly with just a push of a button
  • Comes with a powerful 12 AMP motor
  • Includes 5-position depth control
  • Has a sweeping path of 13 inches
  • Detachable collection bag for easy dumping
  • Steel strip tines to result in healthier turfs


  • Collection bag may be small

4. Earthwise LSW70021 Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

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With a lawn sweeper, there is no reason that you would want to waste your time manually raking your lawn. That being said, you might want to have this LSW70021, known to be one of the best cleaning aids in the market!

Using this is a great way to quickly rake and collect leaves and grass clipping around your lawn. But then, don't expect that it can pick up bulky debris like pinecones, rocks, and nuts because it doesn't. Also, you can pick up up to 80 percent of the above-mentioned dirt at first pass.

Featuring a spinning rake-like action, this can effectively sweep and collect certain debris. After this, all leaves and grass go directly into the hopper bag with a capacity of 2.6 Bushel. And you can eventually empty the bag with ease since the hopper bag removable from the sweeper.

It also has a sweeping depth knob that you can easily adjust depending on the terrain you are working on and the grass height as well. You can simply adjust it higher if it is already difficult to push it and lower if you notice that it is not collecting any leaves or grass anymore.

More excitingly, this lawn sweeper is just easy to use. It is also lightweight, so it can be maneuvered around with ease. At the same time, it is made of heavy-duty materials, thereby ensuring durability. Well, the handle is made of steel with a powder-coated finish. It is scratch-resistant too.

And its assembly is also very simple as it doesn't require any special tool. Moreover, this can easily be stored when not in use. You can simply hang it on your wall, thereby giving you a maximized space. 


  • Lightweight thus easy to push around
  • Easy to remove hopper bag
  • Adjustable sweeping depth
  • Easy storage
  • The tool assembly is not required
  • Comes with a 21-inch sweep width
  • Handle made of steel (scratch-resistant and powder-coated finish)


  • Not ideal to utilize in larger areas
  • Doesn't sweep off hard or wet debris

5. ​Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

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The 45-0218 is probably the best push lawn sweeper that you can buy in the market at a reasonable price. This sweeper can help you maintain a clean and green lawn that you deserve while exerting less effort in doing so. Well, it is also ideal if you are working on a smaller lawn.

Much more, the hopper bag has a capacity of 7 cubic feet, which is more than enough for a push type of sweeper. It is collapsible and detachable, making it easy for you to keep or empty it. Not to mention, this is also lightweight, only about 25 pounds, which makes it easier for you to carry and use it around. 

With the 10-inch diameter brush, you can use this not only in your lawn, but also on your driveway, patio, and pathway. Being 26 inches wide, this can be employed for clearing bigger areas in just one pass. The plastic wheels make the sweeper ideal for lawns too.

It also features an adjustable brush height, which is an advantage if you want to change it according to your preference. Also, some assembly may be required for the product, but it will just be a simple and easy task since an instruction manual and video tutorial are available.


  • Lightweight, easy to push around
  • Minimal assembly is required
  • Collapsible and detachable hopper bag
  • Can be stored easily
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • Brush height can be adjusted
  • Bag maximum capacity is 7 cubic feet hopper
  • Has a 26-inch sweeper width


  • Not ideal for rough and uneven surfaces
  • Cannot be used on wet and hard debris-like pinecones

6. Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

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Perhaps, this can be considered as the best tow behind lawn sweeper due to its high-performance in collecting all sorts of debris like leaves, grass clippings, pine needles, and many more, in your lawn, especially after dethatching. Not to mention, it is ideal for rough terrains too.

This ensures that you will get a thorough cleaning with the inclusion of 6 high-velocity brushes. These rotate continuously to give you an ideal outcome. Well, having a high brush-to-wheel ratio and brush-to-ground contact can enhance its performance.

With this, you can clean your lawn more effectively, and it warrants that it won't skip even a single leaf. It also upholds the "twist-lock height adjustment" feature. You can adjust your preferred height setting, especially if you are working on rough surfaces and uneven terrains.

And this can also help you achieve the maximum pick up the efficiency of debris. With a width of 42 inches, this can most likely cover a wider range of areas. It also comes with a hopper bag that is made from an extra durable fabric with a large capacity of about 20 cubic feet.

Also, this makes the product more efficient, and less emptying is required if needed. A pull rope with ergonomic T-handle is provided so you can easily empty the hamper right from your tractor without leaving your seat.

The product can easily be stored, too, especially after you thoroughly clean your lawn. Much more, with an upright storing design, it can save more room space for you.


  • Works with all sorts of debris
  • Has Twist-Lock height adjustment feature
  • Space-saving due to its upright storing design
  • Large capacity hamper
  • 5:1 brush-to-ground ratio
  • Has 6 high-velocity brushes
  • Sweeper width of 42 inches
  • Easy to empty hopper bag
  • Works on rough and uneven surfaces


  • Hard to assemble, may take time
  • Needs regular maintenance

7. ​Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

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The Ohio 50SWP26 Pro is a tow-behind sweeper that is considered to have the best sweeping capacity. This is an ideal sweeper for both small and large-sized lawns. Being made with solid steel construction, there is no doubt about its durability and longevity.

Well, the width of this product is commendable, as it can reach up to about 50 inches. Apart from the wide sweeping path, the hopper bag can also hold debris of up to 26 cubic feet. This reduces the need to constantly empty the bag for another round of cleaning.

It also features a five-position hitch adjustment so you won't worry about whether or not it will be compatible with your tractor. Additionally, the sweeper comes with an 11 inches polypropylene spiraled brush, which has a 4.5 to 1 brush-to-wheel ratio giving it an exceptional performance in cleaning.

You also don't have to think about maintaining it regularly since it comes with a 9 inches chute that will aid you in preventing your sweeper from clogging. As for storage, you also don't have to get stressed about its large size because the hopper bag is collapsible and removable.


  • It is very easy to assemble
  • Can be adjusted to 5 positions to fit different types of tractors
  • Highly durable
  • Space-saving since hopper bag is collapsible
  • Hopper bag can be removed from the sweeper
  • Compact storage
  • 50 inches sweeping path
  • Huge collector bag capacity
  • It comes with a 9-inch chute
  • Works on both small and large lawns


  • It is not possible to detach the brushes
  • Quite expensive

8. ​Shop-Vac 4050010 Shop Sweep 

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If you want a sweeper that you can use both for indoor and outdoor, this Shop-Vac 4050010 may be a perfect idea! Although it is dubbed as a powerful device, it generates no noise at all. It has a 1.25 HP motor that can surely give you a steady power while working.

With a 19 inch nozzle, you can cover a wide cleaning path. This can aid in reducing the stress and strain that a good cleaning can give you. Its height can be adjusted in order to adapt to different tasks and users, so wherever and whoever will use it are not an issue.

Not to mention, it also comes with a large filter bag with a maximum capacity of 8 gallons. However, this is permanent, so you can't remove it, just like the inclusion of typical lawn sweepers. With this, you are not required to empty it more often, and this is ideal for larger tasks.

And when you are done cleaning, you can empty the filter bag with ease. Much more, it is durable since it is double-insulated. This vacuum has electrical ratings of 120 V, 60 Hz, and 6 AMPs.

More excitingly, this also features two height settings, a safety switch, and a built-in kickstand. It is also designed for large materials such as leaves and sawdust making it one of the best lawn sweepers for leaves.

Since it comes with a heavy-duty nylon impeller that shreds various swept remnants and debris while cleaning, this can be ideal for loading docks, warehouses, factories, sidewalks, stores, wood, or machine shops, malls, and many more. But take note that this may not be meant to pick up fine dust.


  • Collection bag capacity up to 8 gallons
  • Mulches as it cleans and vacuums
  • Does not generate noise
  • Wide cleaning path of 19 inches
  • Permanent filter bag


  • For dry pick up tasks only
  • Cannot collect fine dust

9. ​Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper

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This Ohio Sweeper is known to be the easiest to use tow-behind lawn sweeper. It also stands out from its competitors because of its unique and beautiful design. This sweeper is best suited for large-sized lawns and will definitely work on them like magic.

With a wide-sweeping capacity of about 42 inches, it is ideal for everyone who wants to accomplish their work in a fast and efficient way. The broader the sweeping path capacity, the better the cleaning outcome. With this, you will only need to go a few round trips around your lawn.

Much more, it comes with a hopper collecting bag that can incredibly hold maximum debris of 20 cubic feet. The good thing is that it is also partially covered, not allowing the debris to fall out and go back to your lawn. This also ensures that you won't be repeating your work over and over again.

The wheels are large enough to allow you to conveniently clean and sweep your lawn, especially in rough and uneven surfaces. It also comes with patented spiral brushes made of polypropylene that work better than normal brushes since they only apply less pressure to the gears.

Moreover, this also features a sealed ball bearing on the brush axle. Furthermore, a rope is included so you can conveniently use it to empty the hopper bag from your seat. Well, it can also be stored easily since the hopper bag is collapsible.


  • Broad width for an effective sweeping
  • Hopper can easily be emptied
  • Great value for money
  • Efficient brushes
  • Three hitch adjustment positions
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Collapsible and detachable hopper bag
  • A good brush to wheel turning ratio


  • Difficult to assemble
  • May be heavy

10. ​TerraKing Standard Leaf Bag

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Constantly emptying and changing the bags included in your lawn sweeper may really be annoying and tiresome at times. If you feel the same way, then having this TerraKing Leaf Bag may be a good idea.

This product is an affordable option to maximize the capacity of your collecting bag. So even while you are sweeping away all sorts of debris from your lawn, you don't have to think about constant replacement. Furthermore, installing this leaf bag is just fast and easy.

And just like that, your sweeper's capacity and productivity will be increased. Well, it is made from polyester-blended fabric, thereby ensuring that this is of great quality. This is abrasion-resistant too. So you are ensured that this product will last long, even though you repeatedly use it for a longer period.

It has the ability to trap fine dust while still allowing air to pass. These are just a few reasons why this is the perfect item for your bag sweepers. Just come to imagine that this bag can hold swept remnants of about 54 cubic feet with a maximum opening circumference of up to 120 inches or approximately 305 cm.

After all, once the leaf bag is full, you can easily detach it as easily as you installed it. You simply have to loosen up the locks, get the bag, and empty it into the trash bin. This can also be kept with ease too. And this can be done by folding it up. There you go, it's now ready to use on your next clean-up!


  • Can hold debris up to 54 cubic feet
  • Made of durable material
  • Can be reusable
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Can be easily emptied
  • Fabric can be folded for storage


  • Can be very heavy if filled up to its maximum

Things to Consider before Buying

You just can't buy any lawn sweepers that you see and claim to be the best. Due to the limitless availability of this cleaning equipment, you may find it challenging to get one for yourself. In that case, you should consider the following: 

Sweeping Path

This is one of the most important factors to consider when you purchase a lawn sweeper. You should take note that the broader the sweeping path of a lawn sweeper, the more area it can cover in just one pass. So when you have a large yard, you should opt for the one with a wider sweeping path.

Most lawn sweepers have a range of about 21 to 52 inches sweeping path. Below are the recommended sweeping paths in relevance to the size of your lawn:

  • 21 to 26 inches: small lawns
  • 26 to 38 inches: medium-sized lawns
  • 38 inches and above: large lawns

Lawn Size

Another factor that you should consider when you decide to choose a lawn sweeper is the size of your lawn. The lawn sweeper must be compatible with the garden size in order for it to be effective and efficient when used.

Some models can cover only a certain span of land. When they are used beyond their limits, their performance will most likely be compromised. More importantly, you should take note of the lawn surface. Some may be good for flat surfaces, while others are ideal only for sloping or rough surfaces.


Normally, lawn sweepers are made with either metal or plastic. And the material of the product you have chosen matters the most as it usually determines the period of usability.

One that is made of metal is usually more durable but heavy to carry around. On the other hand, those which are made from plastics are lightweight, but not as sturdy as the metal-made sweepers.

Type of Lawn Sweeper

In the market, you will find a variety of lawn sweepers that comes in different sizes and features. Generally, there are three types of lawn sweeper - the push sweeper, tow-behind sweeper, and the power sweeper.

A push sweeper is the one that you push around your lawn. It is a good option if you only have a small area to clean. Equipped with just a small engine, it is easy to use and not noisy when in operation. But it is only ideal for leaves and grass.

The tow-behind sweeper comes with a large bag suited when you are cleaning larger debris like pinecones, branches, and sticks. It is also the best lawn sweeper for acorns. The major drawback is the need for a tractor to use this kind of sweeper. It also consumes a lot of gas, which may be costly in the long run.

And a power sweeper is equipped with a strong engine that is powered with gas or electricity. It is normally suitable for larger lawns compared to a push sweeper due to its size. This is also efficient to use because you no longer need to push it around, and it does all the work for you.

Quality of the Brushes

One of the vital components of a lawn sweeper is its brushes. It is employed to clean your lawn; that is why it is crucial that they are made of high-quality materials. The quality of the brushes determines the time you will take to finish cleaning your lawn.

If you go for cheaper lawn sweepers, you should not expect to obtain a high-quality brush that is included therein. And this is always not a good idea, especially that you might go back and forth to the store and buy a replacement soon after your first purchase.


A lawn sweeper is an efficient garden tool that may be utilized regularly, probably, all throughout the year. This only indicates that you should give utmost consideration of its durability to ensure that you can use it for the long-term. Well, anyway, this can also give great value for your money.

Choose a lawn sweeper that is made of sturdy or premium materials, thereby making it durable and cost-friendly as well. Just come to think carefully about the maintenance and replacement of its part before going for a low-budget sweeper. Make sure it will be able to withstand constant use.

The Capacity of the Hopper or Collecting Bag

This factor is also one of the most essential things that you should really think about. Hoppers are attachment to the lawn sweeper and are normally located at the rear part of the equipment. This is in charge of collecting all the swept leaves and debris.

Of course, there is still a need for you to empty the collecting bag every time it is filled. But selecting one with hoppers having larger capacity will allow you to empty the bag less often. Perhaps, this is the best reason why you need to choose something according to your needs and preferences.

Ease of Operation

One of the primary things to consider in buying a lawn sweeper is its ease of operation. You are the one who will be using the sweeper, so you need to understand how it works. Make sure that you can conveniently utilize it so you won't be stressing a lot!

This only means that you should not just consider its weight, efficiency, and appearance. Some products may be really hard to operate and may require a professional to do so. So in choosing a sweeper, make sure that you opt for something that you are comfortable working with.


This usually depends on the type of sweeper that you are going to use for your lawn. As for pull-behind or tow-behind models, you will need a tractor to carry it around. As for push models, look for a sweeper that is lightweight so you won't be exhausted too much in moving it around.

Budget or Cost

First and foremost, you need to consider if the lawn sweeper fits your budget. The higher the quality of a lawn sweeper, the more costly it will be. Most of the time, you will be assured of its durability and longevity. As long as you choose the right product, it will surely last long.

If you choose to go for a budget-friendly unit, you just need to buy the best lawn sweeper according to your needs. With the myriad of options on the market, you can certainly find the one that fits your needs and budget.

But don't let the cost be the only aspect. It will always be smart to look at the cost and benefit perspective when purchasing.

Types of Debris to Collect

One thing you should be aware of in choosing what type of lawn sweeper to purchase is what debris it is capable of collecting. You should bear in mind that there is an allocated sweeper for each type of debris in your lawn, may it be sticks, fallen leaves, acorn, branches, pinecones, etc.

Be knowledgeable about the function of the various sweepers and use them appropriately to avoid any damage to your unit.

Height Adjustment

When you are cleaning your lawn regularly, it is important to think of a product that could give you a comfortable working experience. Choose a sweeper that has several height adjustments, especially when you are not pretty sure about the exact height that you will need.

Working with the right height will surely minimize your effort and maximize your comfort. It is also the best way to avoid too much strain or pain in your shoulder and back. With that, you can clean effectively more than ever.

Proper Instruction/Guidelines

Some lawn sweepers are ready to use upon arrival, so they are already good to go. Others need to be assembled properly for it to function perfectly. That is why every unit should include a manual with proper instructions and guidelines.

It won't just be useful for assembly purposes, but also it can inform you how to correctly and effectively operate your lawn sweeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the best lawn sweepers:

Will the lawn sweeper work on a wet lawn?

Yes, it will. But you also need to consider that debris and leaves tend to be sticky when they are wet, which makes them hard to pick up. The process might be slow and tiresome.

What are the kinds of debris a standard lawn sweeper picks up?

A lawn sweeper may pick up everything for as long as you have the right type of equipment. A push sweeper is used for lighter debris, while a tow-behind is used for a thorough cleaning.

How to empty the hopper bag?

Once the hopper bag is filled, you just have to unhook it from the sweeper and pour the collected debris into a trash bin.

Can I use a lawn sweeper on a bumpy surface?

It depends. You need to make sure that the sweeper you purchased is of high-quality and doesn't get damaged easily. The best one to use is the tow-behind lawn sweepers, but you will need a tractor for that.

Do you really need a tractor to utilize a lawn sweeper?

You will just need one when you have a tow-behind lawn sweeper. As for the push sweeper, you won't because it requires manual operation.

Final Words

Lawn maintenance is just easy when you have the best lawn sweeper with you. With proper research and knowledge about you and your lawn's need, you can get a product that is ideal for you! Lawn sweepers are, indeed, lifesavers. So don't ever miss the chance to have one.

Hopefully, after you have gone through the pages and read the unique features of each product, you already have one in mind!

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